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Avoid blocked drains

Water Jetter

If you notice that your drains are not functioning correctly eg. slow to drain, drains backing up or giving off an unpleasant odour, now is the time to call Peninsula Plumbing….  DO NOT risk letting your drains block up completely in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

Drains blocking is a common problem with residential, commercial and industrial premises. If you have solid material going down the drain, their build-up will at some point make it near impossible for other liquids to flow. There are many tools and methods that can be used to unblock a drain, but we highly recommend the use of our high-pressure water jetter. Hydro-Jetting works by putting very high-pressure water into the drain to force the grease, toiletries and any other materials to clear the drain. With this method, you can clear most any obstacle in the drain. Here are the main benefits of using hydro-jetting in clearing blocked drains.

Sewer lines have a lot of accumulated waste including fats, sediment, soap residue, grease, detergent, mineral deposits, sanitary napkins, and other waste products. The waste will form a thick sludge, to the extent that it may cause a blockage in the sewer line. Many people use plumbing snakes but they cannot clean the pipes fully, and this is why you may keep experiencing drain blocking regularly. The snake will only unclog but it cannot clean the drain line thoroughly.

Hydro-jet drain cleaning is an advanced method that will not only unblock the sewer line but also clear away all particles/materials in the line. High-pressure hydro-jetting is also used to break and remove roots that may have intruded the sewer line. The method is also ideal for cleaning laundry lines, bath tubs, showers, toilet drains, blocked kitchen drains and floor drains.

With our high-pressure water jetter, you don’t need to dig up your yard to clear the underground drain pipes. As the high-pressure water spins through the pipe, it also spins the waste inside leaving the pipe immaculately clean. Hydro-jetting also makes it possible to clear away unpleasant smells.

Call our friendly staff at Peninsula Plumbing on 88251762 to book in a job and arrange for one of our expert licensed plumbers to attend your property.

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