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Keeping your rainwater tank clean is essential


 If you own a rainwater tank, then you know it requires a certain amount of maintenance to ensure the tank is operating at the optimal level and the water you are getting is clean. 

Over time, sediment from leaves, dust and debris can build up on the bottom of tanks and begin to decompose into a sludge substance. Sludge build ups can result in bacteria spreading in the water supply, which if consumed can cause serious health issues.


The Australian Department of Health recommends your rainwater tank be inspected and cleaned at least every six months. You’ll need to maintain the following:

  • Gutters – they generally will need cleaning as well as inspection. If inspection finds large amounts of leaf material or other debris, then the inspection and cleaning frequency may need to be increased.
  • Tank inlets, insect-proofing and leaf filters – if necessary, these should be cleaned and repaired.
  • Tank and tank roof – check structural integrity of the tank including the roof and access cover. Any holes or gaps should be repaired.
  • Internal inspection – check for evidence of access by animals, birds or insects. If present, identify and close access points
  • Rainwater tanks can become a significant mosquito breeding site when they are no longer required. Tanks that are no longer required should be drained, cut up and removed to an appropriate waste disposal site.

If you don’t have time or the capability to clean your rainwater tank yourself, leave it to our professional team at Peninsula Plumbing to look after it for you. Using pumps and specialist equipment, we’ll ensure your rainwater tank is thoroughly cleaned and in excellent working order. You can rely on us to provide you with an effective, affordable service.

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